On Underoath, From a Longtime (Christian) Fan

Recently Underoath, one of the most crucial catalysts for hardcore as we know it, returned to the music scene with the announcement that they had an album done-- and we'd be hearing it soon. However, this was not the reason why they instantly became a trending topic in Christian music circles. The bigger news was … Continue reading On Underoath, From a Longtime (Christian) Fan

Heavy and Light

I drove down to Florida recently, chasing some songs and some ocean waves and the sliver of a hope that I could feel like myself a little. It was 25 hours of driving, driving time during which I reminded myself over and over again of the old truth: the process of getting somewhere is as … Continue reading Heavy and Light

Glass Doors

In that moment, I stood in my living room, meeting the eyes of a man who intended to break into my home. A single sheet of glass separated us. For a freeze-framed fraction of a second, neither of us moved. The 911 operator would ask me detailed questions mere minutes later about his tools, if … Continue reading Glass Doors