Field Notes From the Road to Recovery

Today is self-injury awareness day, as good a time as any to continue the commitment I made last year to be faithful in shining some light on these kinds of things. The question I am perpetually asked is some variation of "does recovery get easier?" And at 11 years in, I think my best answer … Continue reading Field Notes From the Road to Recovery


The Best of 2017

Introductory disclaimer: This took me ages to create because 2017 was not a good year. Good things happened in it, certainly, but I didn't want to run the risk of creating some social media ready list implying that everything was OK in the end because of a few snapshot highlights. It was a complicated and … Continue reading The Best of 2017

Glass Doors

In that moment, I stood in my living room, meeting the eyes of a man who intended to break into my home. A single sheet of glass separated us. For a freeze-framed fraction of a second, neither of us moved. The 911 operator would ask me detailed questions mere minutes later about his tools, if … Continue reading Glass Doors